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  • G


    Updated X compound high grade type
    It is mainly suitable for carpet.
    Shore 30 - 35 - 40

  • J


    It is mainly suitable for asphalt,
    It is also suitable for high grip carpet.
    Shore 30 - 35 - 40

  • X


    It is mainly suitable for carpet.
    Traction in the lateral direction works strongly.
    Shore 25 - 30 - 35 - 40

  • V


    Suitable for high grip carpets. 
    Even asphalt you can get a stable grip.
    Two types of hardness are available for front and rear wheels.
    Shore 30 - 35

  • Z


    One type of rear soft. Ultra high grip rear tire.
    Asphalt, carpet, you can get both high grip.
    Shore 28    

  • I

    Compound INVINCIBLE!

    RS270 - Is easy to use for carpets.
    R277 - Is easy to use for asphalt.
    Developed for all racing conditions that normally use “X” compound tyres.
    Shore 30 - 35

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